Amicable debt collection

An elaborated amicable debt collection procedure saves time and money. This is our main focus. You avoid unnecessary legal procedures and you can proceed business, based on a productive and intact relationship with your customer.

Our focus

The focus of our unique concept lies with our amicable debt collection procedure. A thorough amicable recovery saves time and avoids unnecessary costs caused bij legal procedures. 

Because of our experience we can become your trusted partner. Based on your specific needs and wishes we create an amicable debt collection procedure. This procedure is crafted in such a way that it easily blends in with your internal credit management.


An efficiënt mix of reminders by letter, phone and e-mail is made individually for your company. A cascade of actions exponentially increases the pressure on your debtors. Bound by a strict deontology we can ensure you that the reputation of your firm will never be harmed in any way. 

Letters of formal notice are being sent by our bailiffs and lawyers. The impact and authority with which these notices come distinguishes Credit Management & Advice from ordinary collection agencies. All this results in a higher recovery rate and faster availability of the funds.

Moreover we always try to maximally negotiate with fiduciaries in order to uncover disputes and obtain an amicable settlement. (insolvency, collective debt settlements, amicable discharge settlement, deceases, own motion deletions, intervention by a public center for social welfare, temporary external administrator, etc.) Our procedures aim at maximal recovery and problemsolving in order to obtain the best possible outcome.

If all previous actions fail to generate the right results in the amicable phase, Credit Management & Advice advises you on debt monitoring processes or judicial debt collection.

International debt collection

Your foreign client isn’t taking your invoices very seriously? Our international network consists of established and solid partners who operate under the respective local law, have knowledge of specific uses and speak the local language.

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