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Managing billing- and reminder processes.

Throughout the years Credit Management & Advice has been building up a capacious expertise in fully managing your billing- and reminder processes in a logical and supporting way. After having consulted with our lawyers we provide you with made to measure advise on judicially correct content and the socially responsible nature of your payment conditions. Our administration application allows us to make correct use of your terms and conditions. In compliance with you we set the right timing and roll out of the reminder process. By applying an efficient vertical integration of our services, Credit management and Advice makes sure you have more time to tend to your core business. Outsourcing reminder procedures

Amicable debt collection.

Managing and following up on the amicable course of the debt collection by making use of the most advanced ways of communication as well as engaging in a dialogue with the debtor to obtain payment in your cases. Grounded protests by the debtor require substantiation. After having consulted with you we will try to come to terms with the debtor. Amicable debt collection

Full execution of the judicial debt collection.

We take care of the full judicial procedure during which timely insolvency detection is key to the profitability of your portfolio. For many years we have been collaborating with a variety of bailiffs who possess a lot of knowledge on the payment behaviour of your debtors and are sharing this knowledge with us in order to achieve successful judicial procedures. Maximal profitability at a minimal cost. Judicial debt collection

The administration of files in ‘debt monitoring’.

At precisely chosen moments we reactivate your depreciated claims. Debtors who’ve come to better fortune or reside again at a formerly known domicile are being contacted. In consultation with possible caretakers Credit Management & Advice moves towards the best possible outcome for both parties.
You generate income on receivables you already had depreciated.
Income from these ‘lost’ receivables has a positive influence on your working capital. Debt monitoring

Solvency research.

By detecting negative insolvency indicators in an early stage we prevent you from high, irrecoverable costs and fees from bailiffs and lawyers. A lot of attention is spend on this throughout the processes in both the amicable and judicial debt collection services. Solvency reporting

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