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For Credit Management & Advice deontology is a very important issue.
A just, social and commercial approach towards your debtors is of crucial importance.

You can rest assured that alle legal en deontological rules are being respected by Credit Management & Advice throughout all processes. It goes without saying that working ethics, health, safety and environment are given the utmost attention in the company. 
Credit Management & Advice strongly condemns any kind of forced labour, child labour, exploitation and discrimination.

To show our engagement in ethical issues we are happy to inform you that the following 2 projects in Africa are getting our financial support:

Association TANAT (Niger) 

Association TANAT in Niger is a pedagogical program pursuing the following goals:
- Welcoming children, boys and girl, regardless their social, cultural or  religious backgrounds.
- These children get a proper academic education and humane training  to prepare them to become reliable men and women in their future  adult lives.
- A familial atmosphere fosters youngsters who feel loved, accepted,  supported and valued.



Bollé Bollé (Tanzania)    

Bollé Bollé is a non-profit group that supports projects of father Albert Bolle in Tanzania. Our logistical and financial support allows father Bolle to realize projects on development, education, healthcare, food- and water supply in Tabora, Tanzania.



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