Efficient concept

Capitalizing on our unique concept, CREDIT MANAGEMENT & ADVICE pursues your goals. This concept combines the best of 2 worlds: on the one hand you get the perks of a debt collection agency and on the other hand the authority of lawyers and bailiffs. We make use of the advantages and filter out the disadvantages of their individuality.

Our approach towards your cases

After your cases have been submitted, created and confirmed Credit Management & Advice launches the agreed procedure. A cascade of letters, mails and phone calls systematically increases the pressure on your debtor.

Through our online tools you can follow up on all actions in a manner that suits you the best. Our ‘open kitchen’ allows you to perfectly keep track of your cases. You will periodically receive reports containing all recovery results and an updated global view on all of your cases.

All recovered funds are weekly transferred to your financial account, in the most convenient fashion.

Payment plans (amicable arrangement) are being handled and confirmed by us, within the aggreed on parameters.

If, in spite of all our actions, a case can’t be dealt with amicably we weigh possible future steps. After thorough research on possible insolvency or debt burden of the debtor we advise you on starting up a judicial procedure, placing the case in debt monitoring or closing the case.

Our online software 

Beside our valuable human capital, we also strongly depend on our ICT infrastructure in order to achieve our objectives.

Online access to your cases:
Via our online tool you get 24/7 access to all details on your cases, both financially and administratively.

Periodic reporting

Our business intelligence system periodically generates an up to date and extensive state of affairs on all of your cases. Clear and unambiguous figures, as you undoubtedly prefer it.
(How much did we recover?  How many cases have been treated? For what amounts? What? How? When? )

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