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Coordination center of lawyers and bailiffs, specialized in amicable and judicial debt collection.  Reliable partner since 1998.

Our mission

Credit Management & Advice takes care of the amicable and judicial debt collection of your outstanding claims. Acting as a coordination center of lawyers and bailiffs we serve as your single point of contact. Troughout all of our processes we guarantee maximal transparency and respect for the legal framework and deontology according to which we operate. Our professional and motivated team provides a made to measure solution. Our unique concept grants Credit Management & Advice to score very good in both amicable and judicial debt collection. With an annual growth target of 15% we look forward to further serve you, even across borders.  What makes us unique?

Why we get results that actually work!

Capitalizing on our unique concept, Credit Management & Advice pursues your goals. This concept combines the best of 2 worlds: on the one hand you get the perks of a debt collection agency and on the other hand the authority of lawyers and bailiffs. We make use of the advantages and filter out the disadvantages of their individuality.

Thanks to a correct balance between personal approach and an extensive automation we achieve a close control follow up, even when handling big volumes. Our efficiency has been built on years of experience and welcome helpful feedback from our clients. As a client with Credit Management & Advise you’re not being treated as a number. This personal approach results in a smoother and better communication and collaboration. After all it’s because of this good relation that we achieve better recovery rates.
Transparency on everything we do guarantees your trust in us.  More about our approach

Our social engagement

For Credit Management & Advice deontology is a very important issue.
A just, social and commercial approach towards your debtors is of crucial importance. More about our social engagement

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