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Since 1998 Credit Management & Advice has been active in the domestic and international debt collection scene. We are a Belgian, independent SME. By means of amicable and judicial debt collection we recover receivables in both B2B and B2C.

Credit Management & Advice has never been, and never will be, a marketingmachine handling your cases in an industrial way. Our optimized IT system and routing give us the ability to treat every single case thoroughly, yet with the necessary respect and openess to dialogue towards the debtor.


Outsourcing reminder procedures

Customers who don’t pay their invoices by the due date can place a big burden on an optimal cashflow. CMA puts your invoices on the calendar in order to know exactly when they reach the due date.  More about outsourcing reminder procedures


Amicable debt collection

An elaborated amicable debt collection procedure saves time and money. This is our main focus. You avoid unnecessary legal procedures and the relationship with your customer is protected and secured.  More about amicable debt collection

International debt collection


Judicial debt collection

Sometimes setting up a legal procedure is the more appropriate option. CMA investigates on feasibility and give you an honest and viable advice.  Solvency reporting

More about judicial debt collection


Debt monitoring

Did you know that your depreciated claims can still generate cash?

More about debt monitoring

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